the internet is scary but I’m still here


I have many times put up a post here, only to take it down sooner or later. I really admire people who blog regularly, and always enjoy reading about their experiences and genuine thoughts. Yet when it comes to putting my own thoughts and ideas out there(or out here), I feel scared and uncomfortable. An online blog is so open, and so public!
Even if no one ever reads these words, the fact that my thoughts are being left here, unprotected and unhidden, makes me squirm. I’m afraid of who may see this and expressing myself to strangers through words on a screen is strange. That being said, I’m going to try.

I want to use this platform to record my views on films I’ve watched and books I’ve read too, besides just talking about things. I’m currently reading Speak by Louisa Hall and it’s interesting! There are 5 stories in the book that are narrated simultaneously and each story is presented through different mediums – letters, diaries, first-person narrations, etc. I’m at page 290 of 316.

I’ll maybe even display photos, videos I create in the future here as well(though honestly I’m not sure if they’ll be good or even mediocre). I’m currently studying about media-related things and it’s all very interesting. Poly is definitely more enjoyable than secondary school in my opinion, but it’s also not stress-free – at this point I’m just trying to enjoy doing assignments that determine my gpa. I’m also learning about coding and maybe I’ll code this blog sometime later on? Ahahaha, I’m not even sure if I can(coding is so confusing). But I’ll try? Maybe??